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Joshua Wolchansky (he/they)

Fruit Loop Society of Alberta
Entertainment Director
The Fruit Loop Society of Alberta is an Edmonton-based, volunteer-led non-profit social enterprise. We are known for providing our flagship series of large-scale inclusive events, our dynamic social media presence, and special initiatives for Alberta’s LGBTQ2S+ community such as Prairie Fairy Ale.

Joshua Wolchansky has served as the volunteer Director of Entertainment since 2017. A neoclassical dancer by training, they are a performer, choreographer, producer, host, and advocate, who has brought hundreds of performances to life. They are a fierce community advocate, and volunteer as a Board Director with several Edmonton-based organizations including the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, and the Alberta New Democrats.

To pay the bills, Joshua works as an issues manager.
Thursday, March 9

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Saturday, March 11

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Sunday, March 12

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