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Chris Kennedy

Fierte Canada Pride
Board Communications Director
North Vancouver, BC

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As someone who was raised in a small alpine community in northern BC, I have lived the rollercoaster of growing up different than those around you.  I struggled with body image concerns for most of my adolescent years; I struggled with feeling like I belonged or was genuinely a part of any community; I shied away from expressing myself honestly, openly and authentically.  Fast forward to living in the Lower Mainland for the past 20 years, with 12 of those on the North Shore.  I’m open, honest, authentic and transparent; I practice and promote body positivity every day; I celebrate sex positivity; and I’ve found a great community of friends and colleagues to be a part of.  I am an active participant of my company's Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging committee; I'm a Director at Large of the Vancouver Pride Society; the Board Communications Director for Fierte Canada Pride; and I'm passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and community.